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Design-based customization

This information is derived from the historical contract of the last audit report assessed by an independent third party.

Quality management certified

Quality management system certified supplier and materials or finished products are inspected on-site as certified by an independent third party.

experience in industry

This information is derived from the historical contract of the last audit report assessed by an independent third party.



We are manufacturer and suppliers of wears. We have also developed new products. So now we manufacture a wide range of products. We supply our products at a guaranteed competitive rate without compromising quality.  If a customer holds a patent with us for any design, we respect that and only manufacture that design for that specific customer. The material used for our products are always of high quality and are used according to customers’ needs. As we have qualified and skilled staff employed, we can produce and design or shape of products according to customers demand. We are a full-service private label clothing manufacturer that manages everything from the sourcing, fabrication, conversion, sample process, and production, all the way through to packaging, shipping, and delivery to your company door. As a direct manufacturer, we offer value-added services for your specific inquiries, in order to deliver the highest quality garment with the best possible pricing, delivery, and lead times.

Discover the Power of Sports and Transform Yourself

Sports have a remarkable ability to transform individuals both physically and mentally. They hold the power to ignite passion, push boundaries, and unlock untapped potential. Engaging in sports activities not only challenges our physical capabilities but also nurtures our mental strength, discipline, and resilience.

Grooming & Styling

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